Why you should sweat the small stuff

By small stuff I mean your interior accessories of course…..

Accessories can make or break a room, think of them like the jewellery you add to your outfit. They need to work with your colours and style and can add that accent and texture that just lifts your scheme from finished to fabulous.

Most of the questions I get asked about interiors relate to those finishing touches. People spend a lot of money on the main components of the room such as the furniture and wallpapers etc but neglect to follow this right through to the end with accessories and styling. This can leave your room feeling a bit bland and un-lived in, whilst for me this is the best part of designing a space , I find for most people its the bit they struggle most with.

So just how do you go about styling your space? There are actually a few elements that apply to every room that you should consider.

Greenery– This is a very cost effective way to practice styling your new (or old) interior space. Plants and greenery work with all interior styles and can help to blur the line between your indoor and outdoor space. You can let your creativity really go with beautiful pots and planters which are a huge trend right now.

Image courtesy of Bagel&Griff

Groups– This can be a powerful way to display accessories to give a sense of scale and impact. The general interior design rule is to group similar items such as vases, bottles or bowls together in three’s. You will see by experimenting with this concept that together they produce a strong design element more so than standing alone. This can be a cost effective trick if you group candles or plants together and use differing heights to really draw the eye.

Image courtesy of Bagel&Griff

Scale- This brings us neatly to the question of scale. This is where I think you can throw out the rule book that says don’t use large pieces in a small space or small sizes in a large space. If you consider things like art work or a mirror, an oversized piece can really have impact in a smaller room. I would suggest if you are investing in a real standout accessory then choose art or a mirror and go large. Place it in a key position within the room for maximum impact. you would be surprised how this trick can detract the eye from any elements within the room that you would rather not see.

Patterns and Prints– The use of pattern creates interest and can break up colour blocks whilst still maintaining the scheme of the room. There are several ways to add pattern which can be very subtle if you want to keep your room clean and uncluttered. You can invest in a patterned rug or some cushions or throws. This allows you to use a pattern, but change it up quickly if you get bored or want to make seasonal changes.

The hardest rule of all of course is the most obvious- and that is less is more. Don’t pile on the accessories, they are there to accentuate the room not drown it. If you are using strong colours or patterns you will find they really pack the punch you are after if used sparingly. Try not to overwhelm the senses with too much at once. Remember you are making a statement and it should be subtle and add to the overall feel and ambience of the room.

I hope you found this post useful in helping to style your room. Please leave me any thoughts or comments, do you have any styling secrets that you would like to share?

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