About Me

My name is Kim and I live just outside of Glasgow with my family of one long suffering fiancé and 4 boys as well as a growing mass of 4 pug dogs. Not to mention Sean, our resident sheep. Oh, and a pile of crazy squirrels who have made our garden their home. Or maybe we actually made their home our garden lol (more on that to follow).

The boys love nothing more than being very active, either riding at the skate park every weekend, snowboarding, jet skiing or wakeboarding on our boat which we keep in glorious Loch Lomond. Weekends for us are always busy – if we are not socialising with friends or family, we are working on the house or running crazy with the dogs. Our home is very much our sanctuary, a place to relax and get away from the hustle of our everyday working lives. It is also the place where we have built a home for our kids and dogs and where we have collected all the little bits and pieces that make this house our home.

What are we doing just now?

We are just completing our lounge and dining room renovation. What should have been straight forward wasn’t and what we had originally planned didn’t quite go to plan. Despite this, we have managed to turn both rooms into comfortable, stylish rooms which are modern without losing the link to the past that a 200 year old home undoubtedly has. We have a long way to go with the house overall so if you are interested in renovations, interiors and lifestyle, follow me on Instagram to come along for the ride @onlyfoolsnhouses.

Why have I done a blog?

It felt like more a case of why haven’t I done one before! I’ve toyed with it for a long time but as the work on our house unfolds I want to have a way to chart the highs and the lows and to look back and see what we achieved. A house renovation takes up so much of your life – attention must be paid!

Why would you read it ?

Because if you love interiors and renovation stories, I think you just might enjoy following our progress. The house will be an eclectic mix of old and new so I think there is something for everyone; it will also chart the frustrations and triumphs of working on your house. And of course I’m sure the biggest draw of all will be – our brood of pugs! And really who doesn’t love a pug? Or 4. There will be plenty of pics of my little quartet and just how do they fit into the overall décor (they’ve got to be included).

I’d love it if you got in touch – send me questions or simply share your thoughts and opinions. I hope you enjoy watching how we get on and with the amount of decisions we need to be making we will be needing your help and input too!