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This section of my blog showcases things that I love from furniture pieces to books and websites and anything else that I come across and I think you might love too…..

As we are undertaking such a big renovation I am constantly on the look out for unusual pieces or ways to get a look without the big price tag. Seems only fair that I bring you guys along for the ride so keep an eye on this page for an eclectic mix of interior shopping ideas and any bargain buys I come across.

Interior Accessories

I am nomad http://www.iamnomad.co.uk

This unique website is a great instagram find of mine – but there is a twist. This website comes alive in the form of an open house. the lovely owner Claire held her second open house on Saturday and I was lucky enough to bag myself a ticket to attend.

The lounge area of Claire’s gorgeous home

The open house concept is almost like a pop up shop idea but in this case the pop up shop is held in your own home. this makes sense for Claire whose brand is inextricably linked to her house. Indeed her house is the backdrop to a lot of the products she sells so actually seeing the products for real in her home was a really great way of assessing how they would look in your own home.

Another shot of the lounge area of Claire’s home

Not only was Claire gracious enough to allow a pile of strangers into her beautiful home, she allowed us all to have a poke about and indeed to purchase whatever items took our fancy (although her husband did ask for at least a bed to be left). So did this approach make me part with my pennies?…. it sure did….

The Gather candle
Lavender & Eucalyptus
Jasmine and Lemon

These candles were a new brand to me but as soon as I walked into Claire’s house I was struck by the gorgeous smell . Courtesy of these gorgeous candles. And that is what is so great about this type of shopping event- you get to try before you buy. Very few shops afford you the ability to smell the candle lit for a couple of hours, and how many times have you bought a scented candle only to get it home and realise its so weak you cant actually smell it- not so with this approach, you exactly the impact it has and how it smells when burning.

These candles are by an Irish company called Clean Slate and can be purchased through I am Nomad for £20. I’ve noted the name of the ones I bought below their image and can personally recommend all three. All of the images shown were taken in my own home so you can see that they look as great displayed in your home as well as smelling great. As well as treating myself to candles I bought up some greenery to perk up a few corners of my house.

The greenery looked so beautiful displayed in Claire’s home that I couldn’t resit buying some to fill an unused belly basket as well as a large vase sitting empty in the kitchen fireplace. Im sure you will agree that they look great now, thanks to www.fleuressence.co.uk for providing such a wonderful display to choose from.

Just to prove the power of shopping in a real home, I bought stationary! I’m not a stationary girl, I never buy stationary unless it’s out of necessity and then its from the supermarket and the cheapest I can get. But I am Nomad has made a stationary girl out of me….

Just how gorgeous is this notepad and these pencils, all from Monographdk and available through I am Nomad.

I just love how they look displayed on my desk at home. In fact I’m scared to use them as I don’t want to spoil them with my scribbles Lol

One of the outstanding features of Claire’s home was her beautiful artwork, two particular pieces caught my eye and I just had to bring them home with me.

The print photography is by http://www.guiliamuraglia.com 

These prints were just so cool I knew they would fantastic in my lounge. In fact I love them so much that I think I will be buying more …..

As well as accessories there were some fantastic furniture and lighting pieces available. We particularly fell for a black metal cabinet displayed in Claire’s home to great effect. So much so that we bought it and styled in my son’s apartment with a selection of books and accessories.

The cabinet is available through I am Nomad and has so many uses its hard to actually decide what to fill it with. Im tempted to buy one for towels and toiletries but really it will look great anywhere.

I’d suggest checking out Claire’s website as this is only a small selection of goodies she has on offer- or better still get yourself along to her next Open House event.

Bagel & Griff  www.bagel&griff.com

I stumbled on this fantastic shop via instagram and couldn’t help rushing to share my finds. You will find a really unique eclectic range of goodies covering everything from kitchen accessories to cushions and planters and even a couple of gorgeous armchairs.If you read my post on accessorising your home you may recognise some of the favourites i’ve pictured here. Head over to their website and take a peek for yourself and don’t forget to check out my instagram page on for the full pick.

Homewares at River island  www.riverisland.com/homeware

White agate ornament £15.00

River island is well know for great high street fashion buys but did you know that they also now do a fantastic range of homeware products. The range covers ornamental accessories, bedding, artificial plants, mirrors and rugs. If you love gold accents in your home you really have to check out this range. Here is my pick of the goodies on offer.

Available in Ivory and Pink £12.00 currently reduced to £8.00
Available in Large and Small sizes £80.00 & £60.00 respectively
One size £80.00
Available in small, medium & large £50.00, £40.00 & £30.00
Glass Lanterns £20.00
Textured vase £35.00
Artificial succulent £15.00
Available in large, medium and small £20.00,£18.00 & £12.00

Industrial lighting

Whilst searching for industrial lighting for my outhouse office renovation , I came across this fantastic light ….

Image courtesy of The Wall Light Company

This giant outdoor anglepoise light, comes in a variety of colours and has a made to order lead time of 6-8 weeks. The light itself is made from die cast aluminium with a steel shade and can be finished with either a gloss or satin powder coat.

Be warned its not cheap- coming in at a whopping £2,600, but this is so worth saving for as its such a statement piece and you would never part with it ,nor would it ever go out of fashion – these lights have been made since the 1930s and are well known for their impressive engineering, durability and quality.

My angelpoise fund has now started, i’m thinking hot pink in our snug against a backdrop of Farrow & Ball’s Downpipe and a deep blue velvet sofa.

The light can be purchased through www.thewalllightingcompany.co.uk