Mood Boards

What is a mood board? basically a mood board is a collection of images which reflect the look and style of an interior (or exterior, garden etc) . It’s usually done early on in the design process just to be clear what the overall feel is and to ensure that the visual in your head can be correctly interpreted by others.

So given that i like to try and empty my head of all the clutter i accumulate as well as demonstrate my thinking to my long suffering other half- for me a mood board is essential.

There are a huge variety of apps now available to help you quickly and easily develop your mood board, i use an app called Unfold, which is super easy to use and allows you to add text and multiple images in differing orders so is ideal for quickly adding to and deciding if the look in your head is what you are seeing. Similarly its just as easy to cut images from magazines etc and create a live physical mood board and indeed you may wish to this further down the line with fabrics and samples.

As i aways create a mood board for the rooms i’m working on i thought a wee section on my blog to let you see what i’ve created and what i’m working on would be useful.

I will post all my new mood boards on this page so be sure to check it out from time to time.

Kitchen Makeover

So we had hoped to replace our kitchen this year, unfortunately due to time delays in other parts of our reno i just cant see us having the time and energy to do it this year. My suggestion is that we revamp what we have to make it more palatable for the next year until we replace it. This is my mood board for the work i have planned.

Currently we have a white high gloss kitchen with chrome handles and white walls.

If you follow the mood board you will see that i’ve noted Farrow & Ball Down Pipe paint, my plan is to replace the current white walls with this strong dark grey in an attempt to bring some depth to the walls and a stark contrast to the white kitchen units. I also plan to replace the chrome handles with either the handle shown on the mood board or a brass T bar handle, as i already have a T bar arrangement and therefore with holes in the cupboard doors i have little choice around the handle shape.

The current kitchen has 2 wall units which i’m not a fan of, my preference is very much for open shelving. I’d plan to add some wooden shelving with lights above painted in the same Down Pipe paint – similar to this ……

The finishing touch will be a change of tap from chrome to brass ……..

These small changes will make our kitchen feel more “us” until we can install the in frame shaker painted kitchen of our dreams (and there will be a mood board for that !! Lol)

I hope you enjoyed that tour of my mood board – i’d love to hear your thoughts on what i’ve chosen and any experiences you have on kitchen makeovers.