Pug Of The Day

Ive noticed that although my account on Instagram is all about homes and interiors, my followers always give me a lot of likes whenever i post a picture of my pugs. I thought that maybe readers of my blog might also enjoy a wee picture too so here is the home for all pug related chat. Just to make it easier i thought i would start off with a wee intro to the 4 that share our world.

Honey Bee… she is the eldest aged 8, she is a lady, very opiniated, very fussy and demanding and just hilarious. The faces she pulls when one of her subjects displeases her are just brilliant .

Then we have Betty Boo, aged 6 years, she is our only black pug and is just adorable. Quiet, independant and doesn’t give affection freely. She runs with her leg held up due to arthritis in her hip joint but it never stops her or slows her down she just adapts and carries on.

Next up is Dexter, our first boy pug and boy is he different to the girls. very needy always wants cuddles, tongue always out, always alert, bags of energy. But very cute and loving. Dexter is 2 years old.

Last but certainly not least is Baby George our newest addition . we brought him home aged just 8 weeks old in January. Like Dexter he is a bit crazy but what pup isn’t, he loves to play ball, loves his cuddles and seems to have a bit of temper which you will find out if you try to pick him up when he doesn’t want picked up Lol.

So that completes the line up- we take doggy pics every day without fail so when we get one i think will make you smile i will be sure to post it here.

Thought i would post this wee reminder of the one day of snow we got when Baby George was desperate to get out of the door and explore. Dexter looks a bit less enthusiastic !